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7 Jul 2017

Bicycle Culture by Design: Mikael Colville-Andersen at TEDxZurich

The focus on re-establishing more liveable cities continues unabated. The primary problem however is that 85 years of traffic engineering revolving around th...

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16 Jul 2017

Anatomy Of A Bicycle - GCN's Maintenance Mondays

Welcome to Bicycle Anatomy 101 with GCN. Follow GCN on YouTube: Do you know your cassette from your chainrings? Almost definitely ...

23 Jul 2017

How To Lock Your Bike - Secure Your Bicycle From Thieves

Lock your bike correctly and keep your bike safe from thieves. Follow GCN on YouTube: If you're cycling around town, or if you've stopp...

23 Jul 2017

Always Win The BICYCLE BET

It's so simple--just a bicycle and string! Or is it? (It is.) Go visit and use coupon code SCAMSCHOOL for 15% off at checkout! -- For more ...

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4 Jul 2017

Why bicycles do not fall: Arend Schwab at TEDxDelft

An assistant professor in theoretical and applied mechanics who is into bicyles : Meet TEDx Delft -- 2012 performer, Arend Schwab from Delft University of Te...

14 Jul 2017

How to Properly Adjust Bicycle Shifting

Learn how to properly adjust the shifting on your bike for better performance! The bike I use for the demonstration is a Trek Madone equipped with a Shimano ...

24 Jul 2017

Learn How to Ride a Bicycle in 5 Minutes

Learning how to ride a bicycle doesn't have to be difficult or painful. With the proper size bike frame, a helmet and a few minutes of practice just about an...

7 Jul 2017

The Bicycle - A Celebration of the Invention

The Bicycle - A Celebration of the Invention.

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9 Jul 2017

How to set up your bicycle like a pro

How to set up your bicycle like a pro Subscribe to the Guardian HERE: Find out from the experts how to set your riding position on yo...

24 Jul 2017

The JET Bicycle - The most dangerous unsafe bike EVER

An old womans bike built for shopping turned into a bomb inspired safety hazzard. This is the final part in my series on the wonderfull pulse jet and what an...

23 Jul 2017

Thoroughly Modern : the bicycle.

A quaint documentary looking at the beginnings of the modern bicycle and how it revolutionized late Victorian and Edwardian society. Many of the first models...

16 Jul 2017

ERW - Airless Bicycle Tires

Welcome to the future of bicycle technology. ERW© The benefits of removing the air from tires completely has been known since the beginning. ERW© Patented ...